Once upon a time there was a young girl, full of life and ready to conquer the world. On her way through Asia she soaked in experiences and memories that formed her personality and changed her forever. She travelled her own path, looking for the authentic beauty of each of the countries she visited - chatting to strangers in Mandarin, sleeping in the forests in North Thailand, practising the art of Chi Gong. 

Years later all these precious memories inspired her to create a Collection of Jewellery, made by artisans of those places she had seen. Every piece tells a story that will travel with you on your own adventures.              

"When you notice the little things around you, this is when creativity starts to unfold"

London-based Anna Hofmann fuses contemporary trends with traditional craftsmanship from different cultures to create unique pieces, handmade in London. Each piece is crafted from 18ct gold vermeil combined with beautiful precious stones, shiny mother of pearl or hand carved buffalo horn. We believe in sustainable business practise and work with artisans from around the world.