I am sitting here in my living room besides the fireplace. It is 8.15pm. The kids are in bed, I can still hear them talking quietly and am thinking about how to share with you who I am and what inspired me to start making earrings.

My story is very different from most jewellery designers. I do not have a background in jewellery making, I did not go to fashion school, I did not play with the jewellery of my grandmother for ages when I was young. The truth is I worked in the corporate world for twelve years, covering a variety of roles and countries. If somebody had told me a few years ago that I would be setting up a jewellery business I would probably not have believed them.

However, I love what I do! Designing and making jewellery combines a lot of things that I am passionate about and reflects who I am: Different cultures, handicraft and making people happy.

I was born and raised in Vienna. I studied in Paris, lived a year in Hong Kong and learned Mandarin. In my twenties I travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. How I miss this! The variety of different cultures has always fascinated and influenced me, and I try to reflect this in my jewellery collections. I combine precious gemstones from India with hand carved buffalo horn, a tradition that is passed on from father to son in Vietnam. Some of my earrings are made of tiny hand crocheted gemstone beads, a technique that goes as far back as to the Ancient Egyptians. Our ear studs are hand made of traditional Hill Tribe Silver by artisans from the North of Thailand. I love working with small artisan businesses around the world and help them flourish.

I was always keen to work with my hands. From carving wood or making daisy necklaces in my parents’ garden, drawing comics in school to building Ikea wardrobes in our home. A lot of precision, patience and love flows into every single earring that I make. I hope you can tell!

And finally, one of the reasons why I started to make colourful statement earrings is that wearing them gives me a sense of happiness and confidence. I simply love how earrings reflect on the way you feel and hope to pass this experience on to as many women as possible!

I encourage all of you to follow your passion. I love what I do and am much happier now. I am not working less but have a lot more freedom to be more flexible with my family and work when I have time. It is not always easy but worth in the end (or so I hope😊 ). Follow your dreams! #girlgetoutthere